Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Happy Easter

We at the Rasmussen household had a great Easter. Emma loved wearing her "Easter bunny dress" to church as she calls it. This was the first year that Emma really understood Easter and had a lots of fun going to many Easter egg hunts. We went to an Easter egg hunt with a friend on that Saturday and got a total of four eggs. It was crazy! I have been the very seen an Easter egg hunt go by so fast. The Easter bunny did come though so that made it a little worthwhile. Later that day we decorated Easter eggs with chance's sister Summer. Emma loved that. Then later that night grandma and grandpa watched our kids and we were able to go to the Easter program in Saratoga springs celebrating the life of the Savior. Kara my sister in law was there and did a great job. :-) it was such a great reminder for me up about what easter is really about and I needed that spiritual high. Then Sunday we had our own little Easter egg hunt as a family. CD loved her new bubble guppy pajamas and made me put them on her right away. Emma's first words were "Oh my goodness! The Easter bunny brought us dresses!" I think all Sadie cared about were her pajamas and the candy. I have never seen someone get so excited over candy.  she shoves it in her mouth until it is full. It is pretty funny to watch. Then we had in Easter egg hunt with the Rasmussen side of the family and her grandma and grandpa bought her a new swimsuit for her to wear this summer. My girls are spoiled and so excited to go swimming. I cannot wait until it gets warm! Hope your Easter was as great as ours!

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